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We do not necessarily endorse everything you might find on these websites. –  This website is the sister site of Pristine Grace and Predestinarian Network (see below). – Bethlehem’s Well.  The website of Hope Strict Baptist Church in Chilliwack British Columbia, Canada.  Hope Strict Baptist Chruch is affiliated with the Gospel Standard Strict Baptists in England. – Biographia Evangelica.  The writings of George M. Ella – Historian, Author and Biographer. – “The Christian Bookshop Ossett is a small independent business with a primary commitment to the best in Christian literature.  A full range of Protestant reformed and evangelical stock is available, together with a free booksearch and ordering service.” – “Christian Concern is an organisation that exists to serve the Church by providing information to enable Christians to stand up publicly against a tide of unchristian legal and political changes in the United Kingdom.  It brings together focused legal, policy and media expertise and strategic intervention in order to secure favourable legal and political outcomes in areas of concern.  In addition, the organisation acts as a rallying point for those concerned with these issues and a place where individual members of the public and organisations will be able to seek assistance and advice.” – “The Christian Legal Centre exists to promote Christian Truth in the public arena and to protect the freedom of Bible believing Christians to speak the truth on matters such as life, marriage and the family, and to live their lives in accordance with their Christian beliefs.” – Christian Values in Education ” . . . challenging the increasingly atheistic and amoral attitudes found in the education system in England . . . “ – “The Creation Science Movement is the oldest creationist movement in the world; founded in 1932 as the Evolution Protest Movement by leading members of the Victoria Institute who were concerned at the scientific, ethical and theological consequences that belief in Evolution brings to society.” – Experimental Religion.  The aim of this website is to provide material on experiential high Calvinism – much of which has not been published for centuries – to the praise of the glory of God’s sovereign grace and for the edification of His blood-bought people. – The Free Grace Evangelistic Association.  “To send forth Bibles and Christian literature for the honour and glory of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, in obedience to the great commission (Mark 16. 15, 2 Timothy 2. 2), showing compassion to those in need (James 1. 27).” – Gospel Mission Books.  “The aim of Gospel Mission is to print and supply sound Christian literature at low prices.” – Gospel Standard Trust Publications, home of the Gospel Standard magazine which was started in 1835. – Grace and Truth Online.  “This website was originally set up (in 2000) to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and witness to the salvation which we have both received freely by Grace through the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.” –  A library of good Christian literature available for free downloading. – Hedge End Strict Baptist Chapel.  A sound gospel church. – The Huntingtonian Press.  Publishers of the finest experimental high Calvinist literature. – Predestinarian Network.  Website operated by Brandan Kraft.  Some very good articles here. – Pristine Grace.  This website has been operated by Brandan Kraft since 2004. – Salem Strict and Particular Baptist Church meeting at Salem Baptist Chapel, Portsmouth UK. – Audio sermons from Salem Baptist Chapel, Portsmouth UK. – Trinitarian Bible Society.  “Founded in 1831 for the circulation of Protestant or uncorrupted versions of the Word of God.” – True Gospel Resources.  The Home of True Gospel Publications.  The Sermons, Writings and Letters of Experiential preachers. – Truth in Science, an organisation promoting good science education in the UK. – Dutch friends of The Gospel Standard advocating the truth as expounded by The Gospel Standard.  Highly recommended.