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William Huntington

The Bank of Faith £6.50

The Believer’s Rule of Life £5.75

Dimensions of Eternal Love £4.95

The Final Exhortation[Bicentenary Edition (1813-2013)] £2.95

Forty Stripes for Satan £9.95

The Funeral of Arminianism £2.95

Further Gleanings of the Vintage (Letters) £2.50

The Kingdom of Heaven Taken by Prayer £3.25
Letters from the Cabin £23.95

Letters on Ministerial Qualifications £2.95

The Mystery of Godliness £5.00

The Naked Bow of God £3.95

The Soul of Christ £1.95

Weighed in the Balance (introduction by G Ella) £3.50

The 200 Years Since William Huntington’s Death: Where Are The Huntingtonians Today? by Matthew Hyde £2.95

Life and Labours of William Huntington by H Sant £2.45  A short biography of Huntington.

A Vindication of William Huntington by H Sant £1.95
William Huntington and J. C. Philpot: Was J. C. Philpot a Baptized Huntingtonian? by H Sant £2.95  One of three lectures given in 2013 to mark the 200th Anniversary of the death of Huntington.  This lecture examined the relationship between Huntington and his follower, Joseph C. Philpot.

Other Titles Available:

James Abbott

A Spirit-Taught Shoemaker £19.95  Collected together for the first time in this volume are the writings of a London shoemaker, James Abbott.  Though poor outwardly, James Abbott was rich in the things of grace and well taught by the Holy Spirit.  This fact is evident in these experimental letters which are full of the best Christ-exalting divinity.  James Abbott initially attended the ministry of William Huntington, and after the death of the latter he was much attached to the ministry of Huntington’s son-in-law Joseph Francis Burrell, and served the congregation as clerk, choosing the hymns and leading the singing.  Bernard Gilpin commonly spoke of him as their Archbishop Abbott, alluding to the good Archbishop of that name in the reign of James I.

R J Baldwin

The Offers of the Gospel £1.45

A J Baxter

On the Consistent Preaching of the Gospel £2.95

John Bevis

A Brother Beloved £1.45  John Bevis was killed when a young man in a motorcycle accident.  This little booklet brings together a brief account of his life and some of his letters, which show him to be a “sinner saved by grace.”

James Bourne

Memoir and Sermons (Case bound) £13.50

P A Bradley

Made Sure – Bernard Gilpin: A Faithful Gospel Ministry and its Fruits £13.95

Anne Brine

Life & Experience together with a Funeral Sermon by Dr. John Gill £2.95
Henry B Bulteel

Salvation Freely Given £2.45

W S Craig

The Principles of Grace 95p

James Dennett

The Law not Destroyed, but Fulfilled £2.45

David A Doudney

Walks and Talks with Jesus (3rd reprint) £3.45

Bernard Gilpin

Memoir of Hannah Judd £2.95

The Ministry of the Gospel £1.95

Two of a Family Called by Grace: Isaac & William Clark £2.45

John Gosden

Free Grace, Free Will and The Free Offer £2.45

E R Gosling

Freewill: The Root Error 95p

Thomas Hardy

Spiritual Warfare: Letters of Thomas Hardy £2.95

John Harwood

Sermons (with brief biographical notes) £2.95

Robert Hawker

Exposition of the Song of Solomon £12.50

Matthew Hyde

The 200 Years Since William Huntington’s Death: Where Are The Huntingtonians Today? £2.95

Enclosed by Grace: Port Vale Chapel, Hertford Records £24.95

John Henry Newman: The Greatest Pervert to Rome £1.95

Katherine Parr: England’s Godly Queen £2.45

The Last Part of William Tiptaft’s Religion £3.45  J. C. Philpot’s biography of Tiptaft gives very little biographical detail concerning the last 30 years of Tiptaft’slife.  Here for the first time, using unpublished manuscript material, an attempt has been made to do this.

The Men of 1662 £2.95

Unity in Diversity: The Sovereign Grace Union 1914-1939 £2.45  Started by the Huntingtonians, the Union became a uniting force for those who loved the doctrine of Sovereign Grace in the first half of the 20th Century, despite the diversity in ecclesiology.  This booklet was the substance of a lecture given to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Union.

Joseph Irons

The Sovereign Operations of the Holy Spirit £2.95

Mary Jacques

Instructed, Taught, and Guided £2.95

John Kay

The Inward Kingdom (edited by Henry Sant) £3.45

John Kershaw

The Omnipotent Jehovah (edited by Gerrard Charmley) £3.45  Previously unpublished and uncollected sermons preached by John Kershaw (1792-1870)

John Keyt

Life and Letters, edited by H M Pickles (Case bound, 2 volumes in 1) £19.95

A W Light et al

John Bunyan 1628-1688 £5.95

Robert Link

Memoir of Robert Link £5.95

John M’Kenzie

Believing and Sealing £2.95

Life and Sermons of John M’Kenzie (Edited by Matthew J. Hyde) £24.95  Hardback, 540 pp.

Watkin Maddy

Last Sickness and Death of J F Burrell £1.95

Luther on Isaiah 9 – translation £1.45

Watkin Maddy: Separated by Sovereign Grace by Henry Sant £2.95

Graham J Miller

Stalwarts of Sovereign Grace: An Introduction to the Huntingtonians £2.45

William Gadsby: His Life and Ministry £1.95

Wm. Moore

Letters of a Huntingtonian, edited by H Sant £2.95

J E North

Alicia Bonne Hoblyn: High Calvinism and the Evangelical Imperative £1.95

Calvin versus Hyper-Spurgeonism £6.45

The Coalheaver and the Welsh Ambassador: Two Friends and Two Funerals £2.95

William Parks

The Five Points of Calvinism £2.00

C G Parsons

The Free Will Controversy £1.45  The Controversy over Man’s role in his salvation has split the Christian church from the earliest times.  This booklet provides a potted history of the controversy and its relevance for today.

J C Philpot

Dead to the Law (2nd edition) £2.45

“A Debtor to Mercy” The Life and Experience of Isabella Prentice £2.45

The Huntingtonians (Case Bound) £16.50

The Immortality of the Soul and the Eternity of Punishment £1.95

Seasons of the Soul £9.95

Singing and Making Melody (Case Bound) £12.50

H M Pickles

An Israelite Indeed: J E Wilde £2.95

A Soul Drawn out to the Hungry and a Light Risen in Obscurity: The Life & Writings of John Rusk (case bound) £14.50

J K Popham

The Form of Sound Words (new enlarged edition) £2.95

Foundation Truths £2.95  This book brings together for the first time the six sermons which Mr Popham preached at the Annual Conferences of the Sovereign Grace Union.  They have long been some of the rarest of Mr Popham’s published sermons.  Containing a survey of the foundation truths of our most holy faith, handled in a warm experimental way, they are highly commended.
Thoughts on Regeneration £2.45

A G Randalls

Today’s Gospel and Apostolic Exhortations £3.50

George Rose

Altogether Lovely (Song of Sol. 5:16) £2.45

John Rusk

Antinomianism Demolished & The Gospel of Christ Delivered from its False Charges £2.45

Believe Only £3.45

Heavenly Treasure and Durable Riches £7.25

Sail-Maker & Well Instructed Scribe £2.50

The Universal Invitation of the Gospel £2.95

A Soul Drawn out to the Hungry and a Light Risen in Obscurity: The Life & Writings of John Rusk by H M Pickles (case bound) £14.50

D N Samuel

A Winnowing Ministry: Romaine, Huntington and Experimental Preaching £1.95

H Sant

The Accomplishment and Application of Justification £1.45

Charles Jeffreys: A Spiritual Seceder £2.45  Charles Jeffreys had a brilliant career at Cambridge University and was a Fellow at St. John’s College.  However, he declined the offer of a tutorship at the college and joined the congregation of J. F. Burrell in London.  Seceding from the Church of England, he became an independent minister and emigrated to New Zealand in 1851.

The Faith of God’s Elect £1.45

The Gospel Way of Holiness £1.45

J. C. Philpot: The Faith that Unites to the Lamb £2.45  This booklet originated as a lecture given in 2002 to mark the bicentenary of the birth of J. C. Philpot.  It deals specifically with Philpot’s call by grace and his concept of the nature of saving faith.

James Bourne – Life and Ministry £1.95

John Gill: The Man and His Ministry £1.45

The Lawful Use of the Law £1.45

Life & Labours of William Huntington £2.45

The Perfect Law of Liberty £1.45

Robert Walker (casebound) £16.95

A Saving Knowledge of Christ £1.45

A Vindication of William Huntington £1.95

Watkin Maddy: Separated by Sovereign Grace £2.95

William Huntington and J. C. Philpot: Was J. C. Philpot a Baptized Huntingtonian? £2.95

James Shuttleworth

What Is It That Saves A Soul? A Dialogue between A Barber’s Block, A Methodist Minister and Mr. Observation (facsimile) 95p

John Starkey

Some Account of the Experience of John Starkey, (A Hearer of James Bourne, together with an unpublished letter from James Bourne to John Starkey) £1.95

Joseph Tanner

Joseph Tanner’s Diary Extracts £2.95

S Turner

Arminianism in the Oven £2.45

The Bond Family Confuted 95p

Life and Experience £1.95

Daniel Whitaker

The Nature and Design of Gospel Invitations £2.45

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