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Gill, John


Infant Baptism: A Part and Pillar of Popery (With Five Other Works by: C H O Cole; J W Wheaton; J N Brown & R Pengilly)

Paperback, 426 pages £17.99

Awaiting stock



Gosden, J H


Believers' Baptism and the Lord's Supper

Gospel Standard Trust Publications 2001, paperback booklet, 27 pages £1.00

1 in stock


The Gospel Church

Gospel Standard Trust Publications 2013, paperback booklet, 34 pages £2.50

2 in stock



Nelson, Timothy


The Head Covering: What Saith the Scriptures?

Mourne Missionary Trust, 32 pages, booklet £1.20

1 in stock

Norcott, John


Gospel Standard Publications Trust 2016, paperback, 86 pages £5.75

2 in stock



Philpot, J C


Singing and Making Melody

The Huntingtonian Press, 137 pages, case bound £12.50 + £2.68 p&p

1 in stock


Strict Communion and "Were Christ's Disciples Baptised?"

Gospel Standard Trust Publications 2002, paperback booklet, 20 pages £1.50

2 in stock



Ramsbottom, B A


New Testament Church Order

Gospel Standard Trust Publications 2005, booklet, 12 pages £1.50

Awaiting stock



Storey, Richard


The Unscripturalness of Infant Baptism and of Sprinkling in Baptism

Old Paths Gospel Press 2012, A4 booklet, 22 pages £2.50

2 in stock





Edwards, Brian


Shall We Dance? Dance and Drama in Worship

Evangelical Press 1984, paperback, vi + 153 pages, reasonable condition £1.00  N.B. Sadly, scripture quotations are taken from the NIV.

1 in stock



Goodwin, Thomas


The Works of Thomas Goodwin, D.D. vol. XI containing The Constitution, Right Order, and Government of the Churches of Christ, &c.

James Nichol/James Nisbet and Co./G. Herbert 1865, hardback, 546 pages, reasonable condition £10.00

1 in stock



Gosden, J H


Believers' Baptism and The Lord's Supper

1953, paperback booklet, 22 pages, reasonable condition £1.50

1 in stock



Hoogerland, A


Partaking of the Lord's Supper, But How...?

Netherlands Reformed Book and Publishing Committee 1998, hardback, 71 pages, excellent condition £17.50

1 in stock



Mack, Wayne


The Role of Women in the Church

Mack Publishing Company 1973, paperback, 84+ pages, a little worn and binding loose £3.00

1 in stock



Masters, Peter


Church Membership in the Bible

The Wakeman Trust 2008, paperback, 61 pages, good condition £1.00

1 in stock



Murray, Iain H


The Psalter - The Only Hymnal?

The Banner of Truth Trust 2001, paperback booklet, fairly good condition 60p

1 in stock



Shireff, William


Lectures on Baptism (with a Preface by C H Spurgeon)

The Baptist Standard Bearer 1987, xxxii + 232 pages, paperback, very good condition

£7.75 + £2.44 p&p

1 in stock

Vincent, Nathaniel

A Discourse Concerning Love or The More Excellent Way to Edify the Church of Christ (Edited by Don Kistler)

Soli Deo Gloria Publications 1998, hardback, vi + 113 pages, good condition £4.50

1 in stock