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T h e   P a r s o n s   P a g e s



Metcalfe, John


Premillennialism Exposed

John Metcalfe Publishing Trust (Tracts for the Times 6) 1999, booklet, 34 pages 25p

3 in stock





Baxter, Richard


The Saints' Everlasting Rest (Abridged by Benjamin Fawcett)

Evangelical Press 1978, paperback, 453 pages, fairly good condition £2.00

1 in stock

Beasley-Murray, George R/Hobbs, Herschel H/Robbins, Ray F/George, David C

Revelation: Three Viewpoints

Broadman Press 1977, hardback, 248 pages, dust jacket slightly worn but book in excellent condition £1.50

1 in stock


Boettner, Loraine


The Millennium

The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company 1979, iv + 391 pages, hardback, good condition

£6.75 + £4.27 p&p

1 in stock



Clouse, Robert G [Editor]


The Meaning of the Millennium: Four Views (with contributions by George Eldon Ladd, Herman A. Hoyt, Loraine Boettner & Anthony A. Hoekema)

InterVarsity Press 1977, 223 pages, reasonable condition £2.00

1 in stock



Derham, A Morgan


Shall These Things Be? An Outline of Bible Teaching on the Return of Jesus Christ

The Tyndale Press 1959, paperback booklet, 39 pages, reasonable condition £2.50

1 in stock



Engelsma, David J


Christ's Spiritual Kingdom: A Defense of Reformed Amillennialism

The Reformed Witness 2001, paperback, ii + 158 pages, fairly good condition £3.50

1 in stock

Grier, W J

The Momentous Event: A discussion of Scripture Teaching on the Second Advent

The Banner of Truth Trust 1976, paperback, 128 pages, reasonable condition £1.10

1 in stock


Guinness, H Grattan


Romanism and the Reformation from the Standpoint of Prophecy

Focus Christian Ministries Trust 1987, paperback, viii + 244 pages, good condition £4.25

1 in stock



Guinness, Dr. and Mrs. H Grattan


Light for the Last Days: A study in Chronological Prophecy

Morgan & Scott Ltd. 1917, hardback, xxiv + 333 pages, a little worn but otherwise reasonable condition £9.50

1 in stock



Lee, F N


Antichrist in Scripture

Focus Christian Ministries Trust 1992, paperback, 58 pages, reasonable condition £6.50

1 in stock



Philpot, J C


Mr. J. C. Philpot's Review of "Apocalyptic Sketches," "Signs of the Times," and "The Coming Struggle"

Zion Baptist Church, paperback booklet, 71 pages, reasonable condition though cover a little faded at the edge £5.00

1 in stock



Poole-Connor, E J


The Coming of the Son of Man

The Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony (4th Edition), paperback booklet, 60 pages 60p

1 in stock



Wilmot, John


Inspired Principles of Prophetic Interpretation (Foreword by D M Lloyd-Jones)

Reiner Publications 1965(?), hardback, 290+ pages, fairly good condition £28.00

1 in stock